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I spoke at the
ORU Homecoming Banquet
in November, 2019.
It was such an honor.
This is my legacy!

Rev. Bob Armstrong
on a recent "The Good Life" on
the Christian Television Network
with Bob and Jane D'Andrea.


Love Link Ministries - WHO WE ARE!!!


(The website for Love-Link Ministries is currently under development)




1.     Bring the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ to the entire world

2.     Train leaders around the world to be more effective for God

3.     To help nations in many ways, by following the call of God upon the life of its founder, Rev. Bob Armstrong.

4.     To bring evangelism to suffering people who are in difficult and hard-to-reach or “closed” countries of the world.



THE BEGINNING OF THE MINISTRY:  In 1986, God gave these words to Rev. Bob Armstrong, “Compassion for the Suffering, where few dare to go!”  This call is the driving force behind all that he has accomplished for others.


In June, 1986, Rev. Bob Armstrong personally ministered inside Nicaragua and on the border at the Contra Strategic Command Headquarters.  Surrounded by anti-aircraft artillery positions, he ministered from the back of a pickup truck.  Many Freedom Fighters, and some of their leaders, raised their hands for salvation.   In July of 1989, Bob accompanied one-half dozen men inside the Contra camps to help establish the very first Contra Chaplaincy program, funded by Dr. Franklin Graham.  119 Contra Chaplains received 100 hours of training during the civil war in Nicaragua.
   THE ARMSTRONG FAMILY:  Bob, Brittany and Kim


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