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I spoke at the
ORU Homecoming Banquet
in November, 2019.
It was such an honor.
This is my legacy!

Rev. Bob Armstrong
on a recent "The Good Life" on
the Christian Television Network
with Bob and Jane D'Andrea.


Rev. Bob Armstrong in front of the International Fellowship, Washington, D.C.





Rev. Bob Armstrong is founder of Love-Link Ministries, which for three decades has taught leadership principles to 51,000 pastors and leaders in 13 countries, as well as spearheading evangelistic efforts and humanitarian projects.


Recent trips inside Iraq, Sudan and Lebanon have caused Bob to re-think on how to touch the world of Islam, making a difference.  He is part of “Building Bridges to a Common Ground” which uniquely reaches out to Muslims.  He has visited Hezbollah and Palestinian camps in Beirut.


Bob has recently personally prayed for President al-Bashir of Sudan, with an open door invitation to that country, including the Darfur Region.  He has pledged his personal assistance to the people there.  In May, 2007, he was a Delegate to the World Congress on the Family IV in Warsaw, Poland.


He is also the Board Member Emeritus of the Religious Freedom Coalition (chaired by Bill Murray), headquartered in Washington, D.C.  They are known for supporting social Conservative issues, with a very active legislative pursuit of family values, putting prayer, Bible reading and the Ten Commandments back into public schools.  He is helping to put “UNDER GOD” back into the United States’ Pledge of Allegiance.  In 2007, Bob was elected to the prestigious Capitol Hill Club, Washington, D.C. 


Bob's father was Editor of Oral Roberts' ABUNDANT LIFE magazine for many years.  While his rebellion against what his parents stood for grew, he experienced a compassionate, one-on-one personal encounter with Oral Roberts.  This set his mind searching for truth.


Although Rev. Armstrong was the seventh student to ever enroll at Oral Roberts University, he was also the fourth to be expelled from the university, because of alcohol, etc.  He graduated from ORU after experiencing a “change of Masters”. 


Bob experienced a miraculous conversion while serving in the Army; and since then, the Holy Spirit has led him in every step of his Christian walk, including to Dr. Gerald Derstine's CHRISTIAN RETREAT, Bradenton, Florida, where he lives nearby with his wife Kim and teenage daughter Brittany.  Bob is an ordained minister in Derstine's Gospel Crusade Ministerial Fellowship.


“Halt!”  That command by two Serbian army troops "accompanied" by two machine guns pointed at Bob's chest, stopped him in his tracks in the summer of 1993, when he crossed into Serbian-held areas in Bosnia at night.  Although he was later released, this event renewed the call of God on his life, "Compassion for the suffering, where few dare to go!" 


This "hands on" preacher has ministered across the United States and in 45 countries.  He is currently on the Board of Gospel Crusade, Inc. and seven other ministries.


Bob has also been a guest on various television and radio talk shows.  Bob is constantly writing or editing many books and “insider” newsletters; already 80 books have been published.  His book, “STOP THE Y2K MADNESS: EXPOSING THE PURVEYORS OF PANIC” received much attention in 1999; but even more attention since 9-11 as he exposed in June of 1999 “the dangers of Osama bin Laden and anthrax”.  For 12 years, he was the Editor of VOICE magazine (distributed in 150 countries) and GOD’S NEWS BEHIND THE NEWS (Bible prophecy magazine seen on TV).  Over two million people read something that Bob writes every month.  He is one of the country’s foremost authorities on Islam, as he has done exhaustive research for many books about Muslims, including study of the Qur’an.  He is a sought-after speaker.


One of Bob's bookwriting situations involved exhaustive research for Bill Murray, the boy over which the Supreme Court took prayer and Bible reading out of public schools in 1963.  Murray is now a born again Christian.  Bob has served on his Board of Directors for over 25 years.  The “barn-burner” book is entitled, NICARAGUA: PORTRAIT OF A TRAGEDY, which details the infamous, behind-the-scenes situations of how American

taxpayers literally financed the 1979 establishment of a communist dictatorship in our own hemisphere.


In 1986, God gave these words to Bob, "Compassion for the Suffering, where few dare to go!"  This call is the driving force behind all that he has accomplished for others.


In June, 1986, Rev. Bob Armstrong personally ministered inside Nicaragua and on the border at the Contra Strategic Command Headquarters.  Surrounded by anti-aircraft artillery positions, he ministered from the back of a pickup truck.  Many Freedom Fighters, and some of their leaders, raised their hands for salvation.   In July of 1989, Bob accompanied one-half dozen men inside the Contra camps to help establish the very first Contra Chaplaincy program, with funding assistance by Dr. Franklin Graham.  119 Contra Chaplains received 100 hours of training during the civil war in Nicaragua.


During the last two weeks of February, 1990, Rev. Armstrong accepted an invitation to preach in a church in downtown Managua, Nicaragua.  He was the only American on the Christian radio station the day before the elections, telling the Nicaraguan people that the only peace comes through Jesus Christ.  A multi-day seminar was held during the critical national elections, where 22 different churches were represented as Bob shared how unity must come to the Body of Christ.


Despite life-threatening situations during the crucial elections, he met with many Christian leaders.  A new purpose of ministry consumes Bob as he is bringing Christian pastors and leaders from America to show firsthand all that needs to be done to help rebuild suffering, war-torn countries, both spiritually and materially. 


Rev. Armstrong founded the NICARAGUAN LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE in 1989, which annually trains and encourages Nicaraguan pastors in various parts of Nicaragua.


Bob’s ministry was one of only a few ministries registered with the U.S. Treasury to avoid the Cuban embargo to minister inside Cuba, where he has trained pastors on various trips to Cuba.


Over thirty ministry trips and personal experiences INSIDE Nicaragua alone, on an ongoing basis, including personal meetings with the presidents, have forced Armstrong to take a firm stand against what he calls "the biggest culprit"---the liberal, American press.    


You are invited to hear Rev. Bob Armstrong as he shares victories and keen insights into how Christians are perceived around the world; and what we can do to be more productive for Him, right where we live. 


His preaching from the Word of God in many churches a year transcends denominational barriers, as many congregations not only hear exciting reports "from the literal front lines," but learn how to have genuine PEACE in their own lives and families.  Bring a friend to hear this gifted and anointed preacher and minister. 


He is also a member of the Charismatic Leader’s Fellowship (founded by Dr. Vinson Synan and Francis McNutt). Bob serves on the Board of Directors of the Sarasota Prayer Breakfast, as well as the Mayors' Feed the Hungry organization.



208 - 65th Street N.E., Bradenton, FL  34208

(941)746-5574     e-mail address:   Bob@lovelinkministries.com

                                                                     OR: bobkimandb@gmail.com




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